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Dear (unnamed):

How are things going for you today?

Sorry it too so long to get back to you… I had to join Zoosk first… lol

I love your eyes! and the Aura of Your Pic!

I am coming to San Francisco to live forever on April 12th.

My Real Name is Allen Darman. If You Google me in quotes (“allen darman” or SmokeMasterAllenD) I am an Open Book. I am all over the Internet… As Far as WordPress Blogs can go!… lol

I am a Prolific Revolutionary Internet Blogger, an Activist for the Truth both in America and Worldwide, and the Lead Author for a heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team (of four people, two of which are in San Francisco, and maybe even more).

Essentially, I am an Old Hippie trying to Change the World with Some Heroic WordPress Folks in San Francisco, and “We As A WordPress Team” Are Succeeding At This!!! with some help from Google, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and a lot of people all over the world supporting and watching over us. However, there is admittedly a Very Substantial Degree of Personal Risk involved in my work. (Unfortunately, I may very well end up Dead Soon because “I know too much that hurts the Powers that Be”.)

I should perhaps mention that I like to smoke pot (it helps with my Creative Writing).

The following 3 Websites will tell a lot about me and my heroic WordPress Collaborative Team and what we are doing….




I love to have 420, Blogging and other fun!

I am a hard worker on the Internet and an honest man.

I have a Self Supporting SSD income of $1,600 a month.

I am a Good Masseuse Sometimes! especially when I’m real stoned… lol

I like the looks of you! (Do our brains meet, that is the $64,000 question.)

If You are still interested in me after looking at me on the Above Websites, I would Love to hear from You!

Puff puff pass if you still do!

aka SmokeMasterAllenD! lol


Zoosk Intro (April 6, 2013)



About SmokeMasterAllenD

My Name is Allen Darman. (Google me.) My Primary WordPress Website Since July 2009 Or So has been Nutrientscure Dot WordPress Dot Com. Nutrientscure.WordPress.com The Above WordPress Website has over two thousand and five hundred (2,500) WordPress Blogs on it (as of February 23, 2013). ************ As of April 10, 2012, I Am No Longer WordPress Blogging Alone On The Internet. As of April 2012, I Am The Leader of A Four Person Revolutionary WordPress Website Development Collaborative Internet Team. Perhaps All I Wish to Say About The Above Mentioned Development at the Moment Is… Thank God I am not Working Alone!!! with WordPress Any More! ************ My Revolutionary WordPress Website Development Collaborative Internet Team’s Primary WordPress Websites As of April 1, 2013 will Be Shared between Sixteen (16) Active WordPress Websites. SweetSixteenWebsites.WordPress.com/2013/01/11/hello-fellow-americans-1-11-2013/ ************ About Allen Darman I ordered a Second iMac today (2-28-2013) because I have already had a Devil of a Time in Regard to Hackers Heavily Attacking the first Apple Refurbished iMac I just got the other day (2-26-2013). Two Days of hacker hell! These are almost Certainly BOTH Federal Government and Mafia hackers. I have been chronically hacked and disrupted EVER SINCE I PUT MY SON WILLY’S ORIGINAL RECOVERY WIDELY ON THE INTERNET IN JUNE 2006. I am the Most Hacked Man on the Planet! No Doubt! They should put me in the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS FOR BEING HACKED SO MUCH since June 2006! In regard to Murder Attempts by the Mafia thus far that have Failed, my count only stands at about 35 Failed Attempts, so I would not set the Record for the Guinness Book of Records. A man in the Energy Invention Arena Named Adam Trombly has me Beat, as he has had 54! Frankly, I am glad I am Number 2… who would want any more? picture coming later... That Dummy Allen Darman is Above! Boy, does he make a lot of mistakes! And he has a funny looking bald head! At Least He Works Hard Though. He Tries. Allen tells me “I am 420Single and 420Looking, I am a 420Power Blogger on WordPress, and I am an Activist for Positive Social Change”. Allen also Tells me “I know it’s Against the Law, but I need Two Wives, so that One Could Keep the Other Company when I am Working. I often Work 16-20 hours a day, and Sleep Most of the Rest. I would hate to have only one wife! She would be Always Be Mad at me >Cause I am Working So Much, and never gave her enough time! Heck, three wives would be even better! We’d be a foursome! U3 can have either M or F *Friends with Benefits on the Side* if You want more Adult420XXX Fun ’cause you are not getting enough from me sometimes! Communal Living of Sorts and I’m Outnumbered! in the house with 3 Females! Oh, shit! I’ll Always Get OutVoted! at DecisionTime!! I am the Happiest man Alive! that’s No Lie! Nobody could Ever Dream that they would ever get this far vs. Big Pharma and the Federal Government! Well, WE DID, me, my Collaborative Internet Team, Samantha Adams Dean Garrison, Jim Humble, Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. WE DID It! The Feds would be wise to begin negotiations, and Give Up Without Starting a Fight They Cannot Win! (War Benefits Nobody. Why Start a War that You Can Not Win?) >>>I am in Heaven and I am Not Dead Yet!
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