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To My 2 Lesbian 420sub WordPress Serf Bears In San Francisco Let Us Take The Federal Government Out Of The Picture For A Moment And Assume It Is Only The Mafia That Is Repeatedly Poison Gassing U2 To Try To Murder You (2-25-2013)

***Important Notes Dated 2-25-2013: The Mafia would be wise to step back for a moment and take a look at the Big Picture based on what has transpired on the Internet to date. (It is my sincere belief that the … Continue reading

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Mafia and/or Federal Government Censors Continue To Corrupt Or Remove Our WordPress Team’s Key Blogs While Two Out Of Our Team’s Four Members Repeatedly Undergo Poison Gas Murder Attempts; Other Than Google, Jim Humble’s Organization and Perhaps Facebook As Well Internet Connected America Has Yet To Help Us If They Can (2-25-2013)

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Did You Two In San Francisco Just Report Another Poison Gas Attack By Changing The Blog Order In Here? If So, Please Do It Again Just So Allen Darman Is Sure (2-25-2013)

Allen will put his key *Marker Blog* on top in here ( in a minute or two. Please put Your key *Marker Blog* on Top of Mine if you are under a gas attack again.  Allen likes this Idea of … Continue reading

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A Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Friends Historic Event In Washington DC to Bring Our Federal Government Up For Treason on May 14, 2013

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AllenD Is Going To Trust In God Google And U3 To Act Appropriately To Save All Of Us Soon; We Need To Stick Together Now More Than Ever And We Need To Place An Internet Watch Of Protection Over Two Lesbian WordPress Heroes That Need It The Most (1-5-2013) 2 My WordPress Lesbian 420Subs and Dearest Friends We Need to Save Each Other By Cohabitation Somewhere. We need to Carefully Think This Out in another one of our websites tonight! ***Don’t Rush any decision!*** *Careful and well considered … Continue reading

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Girls The Most Likely Scenario Is This *The Mafia* Leaned On Someone In Your Building And Installed An Apparatus To INJECT POISON GAS Into Your Apartment Or Wherever u2 Are Living *The Feds* Or *Big Pharma* Might Have Put the Mafia Up To This

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Allen Darman Has Just Come Under Heavy Attack By A Directed Energy Weapon (2-24-2013)

***Additional Note added at 2:50 pm. on 2/24/2013: The use of a Directed Weapon against me today ceased at about 11 am. and then returned at a little after noon and went on for over two hours. This has been … Continue reading

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