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Some Great News! For Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team: Jim Humble And The Miracle Mineral Supplement Folks Have Become Aware Of Our Plight And Picked Up A Number Of Our Key WordPress Blogs Up On One Of Their Websites (Updated on 1-18-2013)

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Internet Freedom Is Dead In America!!! Federal Government Censors And Hackers Continue To Actively Remove Key WordPress Internet Team Blogs From A Number Of Our WordPress Internet Team Websites And People Keep TRYING TO MURDER Two Of Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team (12-29-2012) (Republished 1-3-2013 after another poison gas attack on my 2 Lesbian 420sub WordPress Website Developers on 1-2-2013)

Tweetable Link: It Strongly Appears that *Federal Government Censors* and *Federal Government Hackers* Have Been Quite Active Over The Past 13 Days In Regard To Removing Many Key WordPress Blogs From Numerous Revolutionary WordPress Websites Owned By A Collaborative … Continue reading

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Allen Darman Just Received The Fourth Report For The Date Of 1-15-2013 Of His Two Lesbian 420Sub Friends Being SUBJECTED TO A 4th POISON GAS ATTACK Most Probably From The Mafia; Suspect Number 2 For This Is The U.S. Federal Government (1-15-2013)

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A Historic WordPress Reblog: The Gist Of As Of July 12th 2010

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Allen Darman *AllenD* ASKS All of America and The WORLD to PLACE A WATCH On The LIVES Of a HEROIC HIPPIE LESBIAN COUPLE Traveling To Him By Train In January 2013 Sometime (1-4-2013)

I, Allen Darman, Ask the World to Place a Watch on both My Life and The Lives of Both Members of the Heroic Lesbian WordPress Website Development Specialist 420sub hippie Couple That STEPPED UP To The PLATE and PUT THEIR … Continue reading

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Some Notable Quotes by Allen Darman and His *Heroic* WordPress Website Development Team (With Added Notes Written On 1-17-2013) Mafia or Federal Government Censors/Hackers Have Either *Removed the WordPress Blog referred to in the Title of this blog, or they have Corrupted a Link leading to it. I am getting a *File Not Found* Error when pursuing the … Continue reading

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Warning! Adult420XXX With Love Attached! From 420SmokeMasterAllenD To My 2 Lesbian 420Sub WordPress Serf Bears And Smokey Bear Slaves: Will u2 Both Marry Me? I Love *Who u2 Are* And **The Choices u2 Have Made** (12-10-2012)

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